Engineered with you in mind

TO instil the joy of driving into every Mazda, we engineer with a human-centric development philosophy. It’s how we created Skyactiv-Vehicle Dynamics with G-vectoring control.

Instead of focusing on the mechanics of vehicle dynamics, we started our development with people.

Running countless studies on their characteristics and behaviours to design a vehicle that works harmoniously with the driver.

The result? A car that feels like an extension of your body, with more precise steering, better control and less fatigue.

Designed for your driver’s instincts

Mazda’s newest technology, Skyactiv- Vehicle Dynamics with G-vectoring control, helps you steer more precisely by optimising load control. Just like an athlete refines his form to hit the ball further with less force, our technology strives for the same efficiency. Instead of strengthening the vehicle’s muscles, we improved how it delivers force so it can unleash its full potential.

It works smarter, not harder, to make you feel connected and in control.

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