Engineer says MHCC fit, safe to occupy

The MHCC shopping complex. Picture: FT FILE/JOVESA NAISUA

THE MHCC Shopping Centre structure is fit and safe to occupy, says HLK Jacob Ltd principal engineer Brian Jacob.

Mr Jacob and the director of Carpenters Group Daniel Whippy, in a joint press conference in Suva yesterday, said they found no evidence of any structural cracking or any failure of main structural elements after an inspection.

Mr Jacob said this included the exposed beams columns and main shear walls at each level.

He said some older cracking in nonstructural floor toppings and non-load bearing walls was evident, but this was not affecting structural elements.


Visible cracks on the ceiling inside the MHCC complex. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA


“On the basis of the above evidence and further reviews and checks we have carried out, we confirm the above structure is fit for purpose and safe to occupy,” Mr Jacob said. Mr Whippy said Carpenters Properties would implement ongoing monitoring of both the MHCC building and the Carpenters tower construction site to ensure that safety was maintained.

Meanwhile, a few shopping outlets at MHCC building were closed for business yesterday and this included Vodafone Fiji.

Mr Whippy said they would be advising business tenants that the building was safe. A few staff members who were interviewed by this newspaper yesterday had also aired serious concerns on the status of the building.

The staff members said they had also been instructed to keep away from certain areas of the MHCC building.


Carpenters Property director Daniel Whippy (left) with principal engineer of HLK Jacob Ltd Brian Jacobs during a press conference in Suva yesterday. Picture: RAMA

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