Engineer queries claims on building

A PRINCIPAL engineer has questioned the basis of the comments made by some Mineral Resources Department (MRD) officials when they stated that the Manohan Building was not fit for occupation.

Vijay Krishnan of Engineered Designs said people should not comment on issues they were not specialised in and added that they should have cross checked with them on the matter.

“We carried out numerous inspections there and those people in the meantime have been shooting off their mouths, telling everybody that the building is not safe,” he said.

“It questions the integrity and our capabilities in our respected fields.”

He responded to statements by the officials of the Mineral Resources Department, who said the cracks on the building indicated the foundation was no longer stable.

“If you try to make tho¬≠se kinds of allegations about a structure you better be sure what you are talking about. They need to talk to the people, the right people who are involved in the design of buildings, people who know how buildings behave,” he said.

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