‘Engaging youths a winning formula’

Former politician Bernadette Rounds-Ganilau during a function a the China Cultural Centre in Suva. Picture: RAMA

FORMER politician Bernadette Rounds-Ganilau believes it is very important to have youths involved in the decision making process in the country.

Ms Rounds-Ganilau said in order for this to happen, one must ensure that the young people called upon were focused on the issues at hand, committed and ready to serve in a team situation.

“They should be ready to listen and not think that they are in a team of old fogies who know nothing and they know everything,” Ms Rounds-Ganilau said.

“The same advice goes out to the older generation that they don’t think they know everything, that they also listen to ideas and the opinions of younger people and all come to a common understanding for a good outcome for all.”

She said youths bought the now factor which included vitality and a new set of eyes to everything and if a group or political party was lucky enough to engage youths with common sense, a sense of responsibility and solid vision in a real world, then they were winners.

“I don’t believe in engaging youth for the sake of having young people on board your group or political party. Know the young people you are taking on board,” she said.

“They bring a different argument and fresh attitude to issues and peoples’ groups. Politically or issue-focused young people are dangerous in a very positive way. Their passion for situations are shared after research and analysis and they articulate where they can to share their knowledge. They can also be arrogant, but a good steady hand from an older and understanding warhorse can calm them down and have them leading us through to victory.”

She said for the coming election this year, a mixture of both young and old would be a good panacea to heal the ills in the country.

“Both sides, politically and age wise, listen to each other and come to a middle road. It’s very rare that one side wins all the time. We are all different. Our multi ethnicity makes us beautifully different so think about us in every decision you make.”

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