Engage in talks

Real collaboration between countries and agencies requires mutual understanding, accountability, communication and better leadership by the country representatives, says Pacific Community deputy director-general Dr Audrey Aumua.

Speaking at the Pacific Resilience Week in Suva, Dr Aumua said it was important for agencies such as the respective National Disaster Management Office of Pacific Island countries to engage in disaster risk management talks.

“They will learn much more from our countries about what is important to them in leading and managing effective disaster and humanitarian response,” Dr Aumua said.

“It goes without saying that the ability to learn from each other’s experiences across the region is critical to best practice disaster risk management tailored and responsive to the region.

“It is important to hear the voices of the countries we serve.”

Dr Aumau said humanitarian needs were increasingly becoming related to climate related disasters.

“These are on the rise in this region, which calls for a new regional approach to integrate resilience and response.

“Pacific key messages from the World Humanitarian Summit remind us that affected people must be at the heart of humanitarian action and the need for realignment to build on local capacity.

“Strengthening regional and humanitarian partnerships in disaster risk management is one of the primary outcomes of this meeting.”

She added the Pacific region had learnt, over the years, of the importance of increasing the effectiveness of humanitarian action and meaningful partnerships.

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