Engage in polls, youths urged

YOUTHS play an important part in a country’s development and they should be encouraged to be more actively involved in politics, says a religious organisation.

Shree Sanatan Dharm Pratinidhi Sabha Fiji president Sarju Prasad said a country’s future was measured by the availability and quality of its young people who were capable and willing to resume the responsibilities of the nation for tomorrow.

“Parents, teachers and community leaders should encourage as many youths as possible to take part in our national election because these youths are resource people, they are bubbling with stamina, energy, skills, ideas, aspirations, expectations and their views must be respected and incorporated at every stage of decision making,” Mr Prasad said.

“After all, they are the benefactors and beneficiaries of the end product of what we do today because our tomorrow depends on what we do today.”

He said in the past, there was a tendency that elders made decisions for the youths.

“I think time has come for both youths and experienced people to come together to make decisions,” he said.

“In the past we had failed, but if we bring our own youths into politics it will give them the opportunity to practice the principles of love, right conduct and virtuous character.”

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