Energising your team

HAVE you ever wondered how to energise your team, embrace change and raise the attitudinal atmosphere in your culture or how does the health and wellbeing of your team influence your performance and results?

Then you may just find the answer to these questions at the Fiji Institute of Accountants (FIA) 2018 congress.

The 46th FIA annual congress – jointly sponsored by Vodafone and Westpac that will be held on May 18 and 19 at the Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort and Spa — will feature one of the most compelling and thrilling speakers on health and innovation — Murray Altham.

Mr Altham inspires audiences to appreciate a healthy body with an innovative mind that opens up a new world of extraordinary potential. He is the founder of Peak Performance Bubble, the base for his mission to help people explore and unleash their potential.

“Every year FIA searches for speakers or facilitators who can not only share their knowledge and experience but who can also inspire our delegates. We believe that our delegates are interested in topics on critical thinking, innovation, change management, creativity, resilience and conflict resolution to name few,” said FIA president Finau Nagera.

Ms Nagera said Mr Altham was a powerful keynote speaker and workshop facilitator who inspired audiences and through his coaching practice, he shared a valuable depth of experience that equipped people to adapt to change.

Mr Altham began his professional life as a chef before he launched into the fitness industry in 1985 where more than 10,000 people experienced his workouts every year. The number of STEP classes he led, equalled climbing to the top of the Empire State Building 322 times each year.

He is the author of Choose Excellent Health and is a powerful voice in the area of health and wellbeing.

The book touches on how one can look better, feel better and have more energy. It helps one build a case in their own mind about why one should choose excellent health, the barriers, the benefits and setting up a pathway to take some action steps to make it happen.

Mr Altham has also worked in project management and key account leadership.

He also specialised in expanding team capability and building coalitions in complex Australian and International market conditions.

“In deciding on speakers for the congress we are always looking for speakers who will empower individuals to innovate themselves, to unleash their potential, embrace their strengths and to be re-energised by what they hear and see. And most importantly we want the delegates to enjoy the experience,” FIA Congress Organising Committee chairman Rajeshwar Singh said.

Mr Singh added that Mr Altham’s message works to build confidence, to strengthen your mind and critical thinking, to rejuvenate re-energise and reassess your mental and physical health and well-being.

Peak Performance Bubble website describes Mr Altham’s message as compelling. He has presented to thousands of people in many countries, he delves into the why and how of looking after your health and its direct impact on performance, leadership, decision making, communication, happiness and healthy longevity.

Registration forms for the FIA 2018 congress are now available. Visit www.fia.org.fj for more information.

* FIA 2018 Congress is proudly sponsored by Westpac and Vodafone with other support sponsors.