Emraan Hashmi: Want to do films that scare me

Commercial Bollywood films may be his “bread and butter” but actor Emraan Hashmi says he is keen to take risks and do projects that scare him as a performer post his “creatively satisfying” turns in Shanghai and Danis Tanovic’s upcoming movie Tigers.

Emraan Hashmi’s performance in the Oscar-winning director’s real-life inspired drama has earned him a lot of praise in the international media following its world premiere at the recently concluded Toronto International Film Festival.

“I understand that mainstream cinema is very important for me. It’s my bread and butter but once a year, I want to do a film like Tigers which excites me and scares me as an actor. Risks are big chaos but if you go down the beaten path it means the death of your art and creativity as an actor,” Emraan told PTI in an interview.

The actor, who not long ago was slotted as a serial-kisser, is working hard to avoid getting trapped into a particular image. He now wishes there were more Bollywood stars willing to take such risks.

“Before Shanghai I played these urban, cool roles in thrillers. No one expected me to do a Shanghai and this is why I chose that film. Box office is important but sometimes you need films that change things. They are not as much about money as about intent and Tigers is one such film,” Emraan said.

“I just hope there are more Bollywood actors who are willing to take risks. Somehow they are always chasing numbers at the box office. The benchmark of success is very different in Bollywood,” he added.

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