Empowering women in the workplace

The aviation industry is mainly a male dominated world. However in recent years there has been major change and shift in the global market, where more and more women are joining the aviation world.

If you can do the job, it shouldn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. The Joyce Aviation (Fiji) Group in Nadi is no exception.

Owned and operated by Tim and Susan Joyce, the group includes Tandem Skydive Fiji, Heli-Tours Fiji, Sunflower Aviation and the Pacific Flying School.

As the company expanded from humble beginnings with Tandem Skydive Fiji in 2004, the company also grew in terms of human resources and personnel.

Majority of the management role at the Joyce Aviation Group are female.

Senior management roles includes the group’s chief financial officer, account manager, group’s human resources and admin, security and FBO manager, sales and charters, marketing and business development and the Pacific Flying School headed and managed by Betty Mora.

The commitment to diversify and include women in all facets of the business is something the group is passionate about.

Apart from senior management roles, there has been an increase in female students registration for the Pacific Flying School.

The schools special awards in the 2020 graduation was awarded to Cynthia Ambalal, who was recognised by the school for her dedication in pushing the boundaries and going above and beyond in pursuing her dreams to become a pilot.

Our engineering department also employs two aircraft maintenance engineers who continue to push boundaries in a somewhat male dominated field.

Joyce Aviation will continue to empower and equip our women to perform to the best of their abilities and helping them with the tools that they need to do so.

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