Empowering women – 45 graduate from vocational centre

Women from the Makoi Vocational Centre showcase of the outfits during the Open day yesterday.Picture: ATU RASEA

THE Makoi Women’s Vocational Centre was established to empower women and equip them with skills that will allow them to be self-sustainable.

Manager Shahista Shazna Khan stressed this yesterday during the centre’s open day.

“For this batch, we have 45 women graduating next week on Thursday,” Ms Khan said.

“The open day is held to showcase the products and items these women have made during their eight weeks of training.

“This will help these women on how to basically interact with customers and how to enhance their communications as well.”

She said the centre offered three courses, which were in sewing, cooking and pastry, and hydroponics.

“This is a project by the Fiji Muslim League and free of charge since and we are providing trainings and programs for underprivileged women in the country.

“So far we have 200 women on the waiting list already wanting to join the centre, and numbers basically increase by the batch.”

She said more than 800 women had graduated from the centre since 2015.

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