Empower women in rural areas, says villager

Villagers of Viani in the district of Navatu, Cakaudrove have raised issues during the pre-polls.

WOMEN of Viani, in the district of Navatu, Cakaudrove, believe women’s role in community development needs to be recognised and acknowledged.

Viani housewife Akisi Wasevanua said the next government needed to realise these potential and empower women in rural areas.

Ms Wasevanua said women in rural areas continued to drive development of their families and communities.

“Here in Viani, women need financial literacy training and a partnership with government to find revenue generating projects for us,” she said.

Mother of six Salaseini Matalauwai said the people of Viani had been crying for an Irish crossing at a creek near the village because during heavy downpour, flood hindered movement of villagers.

She said sickly people and students at the village had to wait until flood waters receded after a week before they could resume school and transport their produce to be sold in the markets at Savusavu.

Another villager, Susana Baleira, who voted during the past two elections, said training centres for women in rural areas needed to be implemented so that women could be given trainings on financial education, cookery and baking skills that could enable them to generate income.

“I voted in the hope that the next government could look into these specific needs,” she said.

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