Emphasis on oral health

THE earlier children are introduced to good oral health practices, the more likely they are to keep up with these healthy teeth techniques says non-communicable diseases (NCDs) national adviser Doctor Isimeli Tukana.

Dr Tukana said a survey conducted by the Health Ministry in 2004 showed that most children under the age of five had poor oral health.

“Oral health hygiene is a very important component of our fight in promoting good health in the country,” she said.

“The challenge in Fiji at the moment is that we are moving more towards non-communicable diseases like blood sugar and cancer and one of the important aspects of good health is that we need to push for promoting good oral health from birth.

“We are promoting mothers to lead in this fight of combating poor oral health and its hygiene and that is for them to promote healthy oral health with their children from home.”

Dr Tukana said promoting healthy lifestyles directly supported good oral health and hygiene practices.

About 15 thousand kits were handed over to the Ministry of Health by Colgate Palmolive to support their good oral health program in Suva yesterday.

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