Embracing all races through faith

HUNDREDS of Christians from various denominations got together yesterday and marched in Nausori Town and nearby areas to promote unity among all races.

Organised by the Nausori Ecumenical Christian Community, the purpose of the march was to remind participants and various denominations that Jesus Christ could unify the different races and religion within their community.

Community president Berenado Kulinio said the march was open to whoever wanted to join — whether they were from another denomination or race.

Mr Kulinio said he was amazed with the high turnouts as people flocked in to join them yesterday adding the march is also another way to remind participants on the importance of working together.

“Today in our Ecumenical worship, we must ask our Father for the leadership and guidance of the Holy Spirit to gather all Fiji’s Christian leaders and their congregation to carry out his Son’s will so that we fully unite in Christ,” he said.

The march ended with a church service at the Saint Vincent De Paul church yesterday.

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