Electronic voting out

FIJI will not have electronic voting for the 2018 General Election.

This was confirmed by Electoral Commission chairman Suresh Chandra.

Mr Chandra said for the next election, voters would get a ballot paper and they would be required to mark the ballot paper in order to cast their votes.

He said the voting system would be same as the 2014 General Election — one person, one vote, one value.

Mr Chandra also confirmed that the current 5 per cent threshold for political parties and candidates to get seat allocations in Parliament would not change after the increase in the number of seats in Parliament from 50 to 51.

The Electoral Act says parties and independents must pass the 5 per cent threshold of the votes cast to qualify or a minimum of 27,000 votes.

“It’s all same — 5 per cent. The one extra seat does not affect the threshold,” said Mr Chandra.

He confirmed the commission had implemented most of the recommendations by the Multinational Observer Group (MOG).

“Well, the main thing is we have considered 19 recommendations by the Multinational Observer Group.

“We are already on the way, we have implemented most of them (recommendations).”

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