Electoral college meet

An electoral college met in Vanuatu yesterday to vote for a new head of state.

The election was held at parliament to decide a replacement for President Baldwin Lonsdale, who died of a heart attack two weeks ago.

The college — made up of all sitting MPs and the chairs of provincial councils — met in Port Vila for the vote.

The electoral commission released a list of 16 candidates on Friday night, which included some prominent nominees.

Among them were former prime ministers Barak Sope and Maxim Carlot Korman and former speakers Dunstan Hilton and Sam Dan Avock.

Former police commissioners Joshua Bong and Louis Patu Navuko were also on the list, as well as the former manager of the Chamber of Commerce, Louis Kalnpel.

The only woman on the list was Doroline Laloyer, a pastor and rights advocate.

The electoral college would go through successive rounds of voting until one candidate received an outright majority of two thirds.

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