Elections office contracts applicants

Update: 5:22PM THE Fijian Elections Office (FEO) is currently in the process of having the contracts of election officials to be signed by all the successful applicants through the various centres Fiji wide.

FEO Director Corporate Services, Sanjeshwar Ram said this in a statement issued today reminding elections officials for the 2018 General Election who are yet to sign their contracts with the FEO that they have until March 28 to do so.

“A total of 520 Elections Officials have signed their contract since March 6, 2018 with 244 signing in the Central Division, 101 in the Eastern Division, 88 in the Northern Division and 87 in the Western Division,” Mr Ram said.

The process which began on March 6 will continue until the March 28.

He said the target is to have over 8,000 contracts signed by end of next week.

Successful applicants are being notified via SMS of their assigned venue of contract signing.

“Our venues to sign contracts have been advertised in both the daily newspapers and we urge Elections Officials to come forward to their assigned venues to sign their contracts by the deadline.”

“This is the final opportunity we are giving to all the successful applicants,” he said

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