Election officials advised to visit public venues to sign contracts

FEO director Corporate Services Sanjeshwar Ram and poll official Alice Crocker sign the contracts. Officials in thw West are advised to visit public venues by Wednesday this week. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU/FT FILE

FIJIANS engaged to work as elections officials in the upcoming 2018 general elections can start visiting public venues for contract signing by Wednesday this week.
The Fijian Elections Office has extended the continuous engagement program for election officials after last week’s closing of public venues in the Central and Western Divisions because of adverse weather conditions experienced in the country.
In a statement published on the FEO’s website, Director Corporate Services Sanjeshwar Ram said the public venues for contract signing were only closed for the Central and Western Divisions.
“The FEO has noted that the rainy weather is not conducive to the signing of contracts and handing over of manuals to election officials. For the safety of all persons, we have taken the decision to extend the program by which time the weather is expected to improve,” Mr Ram said.
He said elections officials in the Northern Division can continue to visit listed venues and that operations continued as normal in the North.
“Because we are setting up in public places, the rain could damage electronic equipment and is also an inconvenience to the general public. We will be back at the same locations from Wednesday.”

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