Editorial comment- 2018 General Election:Election day beckons

FEO staff at the launch of the 2018 General Elections 'Know Your Election' awareness drive launch in Suva early this year. Picture: FT FILE/JONA KONATACI

TODAY is officially the last day political parties can campaign. That right ends at midnight though.

Surely, campaigns are going to be wrapped up around the country if they haven’t already been done so yesterday.

The challenge on the parties and aspiring candidates is to leave an indelible impression on the minds of the voters.

It must be strong enough to last the 48 hour blackout.

The target, undoubtedly has been the undecided voter over the past two weeks.

It was evident in the strategies employed by the various parties.

If they were not discrediting others, they were trying their level best to offer an effective alternative option for the voter.

Now how this affects their campaigns and percentages will be put to the test on November 14.

For now though, the onus is on you the voter to be appropriately informed about issues you feel close to your chest.

How relevant the parties’ promises and proposals are to your hopes and aspirations will no doubt assist you.

To that end, the critical element here is being informed appropriately.

We hope we have been of assistance and have aided in your final decision.

Making a choice now falls squarely on your shoulders.

It is important though to understand that you have an important role to play in the mechanics of how our country moves forward.

This is such a great opportunity to be heard. It is a great opportunity to decide on the course of our nation.

Your vote will count. The onus though rests on you to be part of the elections on November 14.

This is a massive undertaking, and once more, we are poised to take that step forward together as Fijians.

Again, we stand at the crossroads. Again, we stare at our future and the role we each carry.

We take this opportunity to wish all the parties, and each of the candidates well in the lead up to the elections.

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