Elderly, disabled given priority

Crowds of thousands wait for HOMES-CARE cards at Shirley Park in Lautoka yesterday. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

THE elderly and the disabled were given first priority when the HOMES-CARE assistance program started early yesterday.Western Disabled Society president Jai Raj Prasad said they were relieved because the elderly and disabled thought they would be forgotten.

“Seeing the number of people that came out today I am glad that we were given a separate area,” he said.

“There are a lot of us in need of help.”

Amputee Inayath Hassain, 70, said he had been waiting since 6am.

“I’m very happy with the assistance because I’m a disabled man and the only assistance that I’m getting is from Social Welfare,” he said.

“I want to use this money to replace my roof because it started leaking during the cyclone.”

While many of the applicants had similar stories, others were confused about the assistance offered.

Ram Sumer, 78, said he wanted food vouchers.

“I came here at 6.30am to get some food rations,” he said.

“I know now that I will get the money in the card and hopefully I can get something for my home.”

Sunita Prasad, 75, had to return home empty handed.

“I thought that it was for everyone and that is why I came today,” she said. When they announced that we could go to jail if we lied to them I came out of the line. I don’t want to go to jail because my house didn’t
get any damage.”

The HOMES-CARE team will be in Lautoka again today

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