Elderly couple leave nothing to chance

ELDERLY couple Bim Chand and Durka Wati of Nawajikuma settlement in Nadi left nothing to chance yesterday as they left their home of 30 years for safer grounds.

The couple carried food supplies and dry clothes while wading through flooded waters about midday yesterday for Andrews Primary School.

“We live in a double storey house but we didn’t want to stay at home this time because we’re alone right now,” he said.

“Our bottom flat already has water coming in so we had to move as soon as we could.

“We didn’t come last week but when we heard about the cyclone we decided to move.”

When The Fiji Times team arrived at the school, a second family from Korociri settlement was already there.

Mereani Niufou said her family home was already underwater.

“We always move when there is a cyclone coming and when there is a lot of rain,” she said.

“Last week, the water inside our house reached our waist.

“We had just finished cleaning up when we were told to move again.”

School manager Mohammed Sattar said they were expecting more than 500 people to take shelter at the school for the time-being.