Elder joins elite group

Hendry Elder fitness trainer of the Fiji Weightlifting Association. Picture: ATU RASEA

FITNESS trainer and weight-lifting coach Henry Elder graduated from the 10th edition of the International Coaching Enrichment Certification Program in Lausanne, Switzerland. The 47-year-old said it was a proud moment for him to graduate from the program.

“The program was an International Olympic Committee program along with the University of Delaware and United States Olympic Committee program. We went to the University of Delaware and spent some time there and attended lectures on sports science,” Elder said.

“I also did some sports management and from there we were sent to various internship sites and we had a time during the internship. “It was an honour and an exciting time for me as we got to live in facilities where Team USA camps for big competitions and spent time with the coaches such as the USA boxing coach and learnt how they trained.”

Elder said the application tool he used would help athletes achieve their goals.

“We were given tasks and projects and talked to our federation on the area of need that we saw and we would work on the project after we come back and then go and do the presentation in Switzerland,” he added.

“I came up with a project which was a web based application and its called athlete tracking system and every time the athlete does his or her training the data is entered in the system using mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

“This application can help the national federation extract data quickly and I would like to see the possibility of the application to be used in the other sports as well.”

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