Elaise remains optimistic

LIFE is not about sitting back and waiting for the storm to pass but one should learn to dance in the rain, says Emily Elaise who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2013.

The doctors told her she had two years to live, but she proved everyone wrong as she continues to enjoy life.

“I have not fully recovered and after the debulking surgery, I was given two years to live but this is my third year,” Ms Elaise said.

“It is not easy going through chemotherapy three times to fight an evil sickness.

“With a young mother like me, I had to constantly move on since I have a young family and there are so much to do so we must get up and walk.

“My field of work was tourism, but I left that and joined Namaka Public School as a personal assistant and did reception work at the school.

“In the beginning of 2013, I went across to Australia during the school holidays and found out that I was sick. I never came back until I was operated on and went through chemotherapy. I was not allowed to travel.”

The 47-year-old is a mother of two children aged 22 and 14 and stays with her family in Namaka, Nadi.

Just like any other parent, she also had dreams of teaching children.

“It was one of those cancer which was hard to detect unless you have a valve test and more confirmed if you have a transvaginal scans and we do not know if we have it in Fiji.

“Life is difficult after going through chemotherapy and it makes you lose your memory, lowers energy level and distorts speeches. If I was giving this interview during the chemotherapy, I would not have made any sense.

“We don’t sit back and watch for the storm to pass, but we need to stand up and do what we need to do, whether it is raining or the sun is shining.

“Keep fighting. I wanted to do preschool course to teach the kids. This was my passion. It is not likely to happen now because the energy level is very low and some days are good and some days are funny.

“My doctors are going with the flow as I have passed my two years which I was given and I go through chemotherapy every time when it is required or otherwise my results are good.”

She has encouraged others to keep fighting and not to lose hope.

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