Elaisa wins heat

PAUL Elaisa has set Fiji to a winning start in swimming in the 2018 Commonwealth Games after winning his 50 metre butterfly heat at the Optus Aquatic Centre yesterday.

Paul, from lane two, set a time of 26.94 seconds, followed by Gregory Anodin of Mauritius who stopped the clock at 27.09sec. Andrew Fowler of Guyana came third in 27.23sec.

“I thought I came second but then I am still disappointed with my time,” Elaisa said after the heat.

“The good thing is that I have warmed up to the competition and I know I can do well. The training I received in the US will make me produce good results and I am just a little disappointed that the result did not go as well as I expected.

“My next event is on Saturday. I will rest well because the competition is getting harder.”

In the next heat Epeli Rabua also finished well coming in at fourth position with a time of 26.33 sec. Kenya’s Steven Maina finished first in 26.02sec while Mozambique’s Erico Cuna finished second in 26.11sec.

Matelita Buadromo, meanwhile, did not record a happy ending to her women’s 100m butterfly as she finished last in the race with 1:04.43sec. The race was dominated by Madeline Groves of Australia with a time of 57.77sec.

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