Eight traders charged for contravening provisions on CARE programs

EIGHT traders in the Western Division have been charged for contravening provisions under the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission Act 2010 following two phases of investigations of the HOMES-CARE and FARMS-CARE programs.

In a statement, FCCC acting CEO Seymour Singh said the FCCC received complaints from recipients that certain traders had engaged in unethical business practices.

“The task force set up by FCCC undertook investigations on all the matters arising following which the traders have been charged,” he said.

“The traders have been charged for Unconscionable conduct, Failure to mark prices, Failure to Furnish information, Overcharging, False and Misleading Representation and Accepting Payment without being able to supply, under FCCC Act 2010. “Till date FCCC has charged a total of 11 traders under the HOMES-CARE and FARMS-CARE investigations.”

According to FCCC, in the first phase of inquiries, four traders were from the West while two were from the Northern Division. In the second phase, four more traders were cited in the West while one was found in the North.

Mr Singh said FCCC was actively investigating all cases related to the CARE initiative and more traders could be charged if found to be contravening the FCCC Act.

“Traders who are involved under the HOMES-CARE and FARMS-CARE are warned to act ethically and engage in fair business practices ensuring consumers get their money’s worth. “Such initiatives put in place by Government are to allow those who are less fortunate in rebuilding and recuperating post natural disaster. As such traders and business should not act out of law with the intention to simply profiteer.”

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