Effects of TC Josie

Cyclone Josie’s effect was far worse than expected.

Warnings were aired and people did prepare themselves as well but sadly the damage of the rain and floods superseded the possible scenario.

Sadly, lives were lost. Those people must have had plans for their future which unexpectedly vanished with Josie.

Another depression is looming on us and once again we are being told to expect similar or worse weather this weekend.

This is not something to be taken lightly.

I hope people take this warning very seriously and hopefully no lives are lost this time. Well at least we can prepare ourselves and pray.

Let Josie be a lesson for us to prepare ourselves accordingly.

Let’s all join hands to pray as well and hope this tragedy passes over us without much damage.

Let’s secure our houses properly and please don’t forget your pets.

For those planning to travel, please think twice. Please don’t stop praying. Be strong.

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