Effective weed control

AN effective weed mat will avoid weed seeds propagating in your garden, saving you time and effort in your garden. To ensure an easy-care garden, we recommend you condition your soil. As every good gardener knows; preparation and planning is key.

A weed mat will prevent you from turning your soil over. Yet you can still feed your plants with rich biodegraded material. As the nutrients mix with water, they can be directly transported to the root systems of your plants. Not all weed mats are created equal so that is why we recommend only the best, liquid permeable weed mat.

Besides our Geocil weed mats you may also be interested in our Daltons potting mix or premium garden compost to boost the efficiency of your garden.

The Geocil weed control mat is one of our top selling garden supplies at garden and water world.

Geocil weed mats is the original spun-bonded weed control and filter mat that garden enthusiasts love. It is long lasting, water permeable and UV stabilised.

Five advantages of the Geocil weed mat include:

• Easy to cut and the edges don’t fray;

• Non-woven weed control fabric facilitates easy-care garden and plant management;

• Irrigation and liquid fertilisation through Geocil weed mat optimises growing conditions;

• Easy regulation of climate and soil activity under the Geocil weed mat; and

• Durable material means the Geocil weed mat lasts a long time.

Fast Geocil weed mat installation in six easy steps:

The Geocil weed mat is easy to install. Simply follow these six simple steps:

1. Cut to the required size using scissors or a knife (Geocil edges don’t fray);

2. Prepare the area to be covered by thoroughly removing grass and all weeds;

3. Lay the Geocil weed mat over prepared ground;

4. Cut a cross-slit large enough for plant roots to be planted through the fabric and place the plants. Backfill and pin the edges of the weed mat back;

5. Hold the weed mat down using plastic or wire weed mat pins; and

6. Once the area is covered, lay landscaping materials such as garden bark, decorative stone pebbles, crushed shells or scoria to cover the weed mat.

To order Geocil weed mat, compost and landscape supplies, contact garden and water world today. Located at RC Manubhai & Co Ltd complex, Raiwaqa, Suva. Phone: 9999 285.

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