Education week

Marist Convent School in Lami Year 5 teacher George William with their artwork during the one-week celebration of the Education Week in Catholic schools, Picture: SOPHIE RALULU

ALL CATHOLIC schools around the country had a week of celebration in their school on education. The theme connected with Jesus with a logo signifying how children are connected with Jesus.

Marist Convent School in Lami headteacher sister Filomena Ruru said the one-week celebration had been done with many different activities.

“During their religion class, they had group discussions on their theme. And the students visualise it on the artwork,” said Ms Ruru.

Year 7 student Ratu Navitalai Navuku said the one-week celebration had moulded him into a better person.

“The teaching of Jesus makes me listen to my parents and teachers,” said Ratu Navitalai.

Year 7 student Kyrah Ledua said she learnt that being close to Jesus makes her a good citizen by being close with Jesus and being a good citizen.

“I learnt a lot of things like going to church reading the Bible and not following bad people.”

Saint Thomas Aquinas Primary School assistant headteacher Phillip Fong said students participated in activities that were provided by the archdiocese.

“We had a prayer prepared and it was recited by the students throughout the week with hymn practice, poetry and song writing,” said Mr Fong.

The one-week celebration ended with a mass with the students’ posters, poetry and songs being displayed at church on Sunday.

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