Education issues

CHANGES to the school curriculum, problems within the Education Ministry, quality of teachers and students’ discipline are some of the issues affecting the country’s education system, a Tebbutt-Times Poll revealed.

The poll asked people what were the major challenges and issues facing the education system and how would they rate the Government’s performance in the area of education.

For those naming an issue, 9 per cent mentioned access and transportation, 6 per cent mentioned the need for more resources for teachers, better qualified teachers and more funding for schools, 5 per cent mentioned lack of financial support from government for community and upgrade facilities.

Also 4 per cent mentioned issues or changes to the curriculum, 4 per cent said there were issues with the education system (too many changes, needs improvement, problems with the ministry), and 4 per cent said issues with student discipline.

However, 49 per cent of those polled said there were no major issues, and 10 per cent were unsure.

On Government’s performance in the area of education, many rated it positively. A total of 54 per cent said the Government was doing a very good job, and 27 per cent said it was doing a good job, creating a net approval of 81 per cent.

Only 7 per cent gave a negative rating (5 per cent not a very good job, and 2 per cent a poor job).

A total of 9 per cent said the Government was doing an average job, while 2 per cent were undecided.

Approval was higher among those identifying as Fijians of Indian descent (89 per cent approval) than iTaukei (78 per cent approve of the government’s performance).

The poll was conducted in February with 1046 persons from around the country surveyed via telephone interview.

* Expert analysis on the poll tomorrow

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