Education for women

A NEWLY established volunteer organisation in Lautoka has already set its sights on helping underprivileged women attain education in trade fields by sponsoring their studies.

Fiji Association of Women Graduates (FAWG) west is made up of 27 financial members from various fields and aims to highlight the importance of education in today’s society.

President Priti Singh said the organisation was an associate member of the graduate Women International.

“We are a voluntary and non-profit organisation of women graduates working to promote life-long education to improve the status of women and girls and to enable women to effect positive change in their communities,” she said.

With the support of the community and business houses at large, the organisation has planned a new scholarship project designed to help women seeking to enter trade fields.

“Funds raised go towards the FAWG scholarship project which pays for the tuition fees of less privileged young women.

“This is for those who undertake studies in the electric or automotive fields.”

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