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The fact that police are investigating two fatal accidents which happened at the weekend should be a reminder for us all about road safety.

We keep talking about this issue because there have been deaths connected to it over the years.

Police reported the first fatality happened last Friday evening along Princes Rd near Colo-i-Suva which claimed the life of a 29-year-old man.

The victim, according to police, was in a car driven by a 28-year-old who did not have a driver’s licence and was under the influence of alcohol. The victim died at the scene.

The second fatal accident was recorded on Sunday afternoon near Yadua, Sigatoka, where a vehicle driven by a 37-year-old man is alleged to have hit a 23-year-old farmer of Waibogi settlement.

According to police the suspect allegedly tried to flee the scene of the accident when his vehicle collided with another vehicle travelling in the opposite direction.

The suspect, police said, was allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol. He was taken into custody at the Sigatoka Police Station.

Now as investigations continue, we are once again reminded about how fragile life is.

It hangs by a thread!

Accidents happen because we allow them.

There are unnecessary deaths connected to road accidents.

Every year we talk about road safety. We discuss safety measures. We talk about prevention, and what needs to happen to bring down the number of road accidents.

Yet every year they happen because we seem to be careless, and ignore safety.

As we head into the busy end of the year, when the festive season kicks in, we should reflect on the importance of road safety.

We should be reminded about the basics. We should be adhering to road rules, and use common sense.

As vehicle owners, we should be appreciative of why it is important that servicing of our vehicles are done on time. We should plan our journey well and plan to arrive alive.

We should be mindful of road conditions and not take unnecessary risks.

We should not be talking on our mobile phone when driving, and stay away from driving when drunk!

Let’s do the things we are expected to do when out driving. Let’s use the trafficator and announce when we plan to change lanes for instance.

Let’s show and use common road courtesy.

Let’s be mindful of our passengers and appreciate the fact that they trust us as drivers to get them safely to their destination.

The festive season will see heavy traffic movement. It happens every year. This is when road safety must be placed on a very high plane!

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