Editorial: Time for tough choices

Police officers man a checkpoint at Nasomo in Tavua after the area was declared a screening zone. File Picture: FIJI POLICE FORCE/SUPPLIED

There is growing frustration in some lockdown areas as the number of COVID-19 cases continue to rise around us.

The numbers are just too high!

Now that we have a case all the way in Tavua, and some in Naitasiri, there is a sense of apprehension and great concern.

It seems the numbers are not stopping at all.

There is concern that people are still breaching physical distancing requirements, and are ignoring or are oblivious to COVID-safety rules.

It has left some people in lockdown areas fuming.

We are told, some people who have been forced to stay home for 14 days are frustrated and angry that their neighbours aren’t doing enough to enable them to return to work soon.

They are still engaging in social gatherings, drinking kava, or walking about in public, disregarding police barriers.

Understandably this can be very frustrating for those who are strictly following the rules.

They want to return quickly to work.

Yet they are being held back because of some inconsiderate people.

Again, we say, the onus really isn’t only on the police to carefully scrutinise this.

It is up to us as individuals to be on top of this issue.

That means accepting responsibility for the action that must be put in place to safeguard us all.

We have to be responsible for our actions.

There are important questions that will be asked of us.

Why do some people disregard good advice and still share a kava bilo for instance?

Why are some people in lockdown areas still sneaking around at night for kava sessions?

Why are some people in lockdown areas ducking beneath police barriers and walking around their neighbourhood with no care in the world for the potential risks of this action?

Why are some people breaching curfew rules?

Why are people still engaging in unsafe behavior?

Is it because we live in a fragmented society?

Or are there other issues tied to these scenarios?

Is it an issue of care?

An issue of not being considerate perhaps?

Or are there elements that must be understood first to empower us all to safely chart a path forward?

Culture and tradition?


The answers could possibly assist us in reducing the number of positive cases.

Surely that should be a target we aspire to reach.

This isn’t the time to lose hope.

It isn’t the time to dwell on frustration and be angry.

Let’s adhere to physical distancing rules.

If more of us stick to the rules, we can make a difference.

Let’s continue to talk about this with our family members, and urge everyone to be vigilant and cautious.

Acknowledgement is due to everyone who is adhering to medical advice.

You give everyone hope in this war.

So let’s continue to take heed of advice from our medical experts.

Safety first please!

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