Editorial – Safety first

Youths of St Pius X Parsh re -enact the crucifixtion of Jesus Christ during their easter program in Raiwaqa today. Picture: JONA KONATACI

On the third day, after his crucifixion, Christians hold firm to the belief that Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

Yesterday was a special day for thousands of Christians around the world.

It was a day to celebrate the resurrection. It was a joyous occasion for Christians.

They would have gone to church to listen to the message of salvation and relive the story of the crucifixion and of the resurrection.

Today, at the tail end of a long weekend, as many Fijians prepare to head back home, we raise the issue of road safety among other important issues.

Easter means different things for different people.

The faithful will embrace the Word of God, turning to the Bible for their salvation, and for their renewal of faith.

There were many others who embraced the opportunity to spend time with their family and friends.

As we make trips around the country on our many roads, we are reminded to adhere strictly to road rules.

They are there for a reason. They ensure we all can use our public roads safely.

Without a doubt accidents do happen though. They happen for various reasons. But they happen because we allow them to.

Let’s plan our journeys, and plan to arrive on time, alive.

If you are on the road, watch your speed and adhere to road rules.

Plan your journey well and plan to arrive on time and safely at your various destinations.

The police are out in force to try and ensure travellers get to their various destinations safely.

Accidents, however, have a nasty habit of happening when you least expect them.

It’s a fact of life and is something we have to accept and live with.

We take this opportunity to acknowledge all those who are working over this long weekend. They keep our nation ticking.

For the hundreds of men and women in blue who were on duty over the long weekend, and for all those who had to be at work wherever they were, from our many supermarkets, public service vehicles, to other essential services staff members, we acknowledge your effort.

If you are out and about, at our many beaches around the country, we hope you will prioritise safety.

Keep a tab on loved ones who are out swimming! Let’s unite to end this long weekend on a positive note wherever we are.

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