Editorial comment – When there is hope

Youth members of the World Harvest Centre in Kinoya, Nasinu perform a drama on Jesus on the cross during their church service yesterday. Picture: ATU RASEA

It’s Resurrection Sunday today, a significant event in the Christian calendar.

Today is when Christians around the world will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

As biblical history will tell us, Christ rose from the dead on this day, after the crucifixion on Mount Calvary, on Good Friday.

Christians place great value on this day.

It is arguably the most important event in Christianity, for it attests to the very essence of the faith — faith itself and belief in the Word of God.

Christ’s experience, from the pain he endured to his crucifixion on Mount Calvary, outside Jerusalem, to his resurrection on the third day are key elements of the faith, holding the faithful together.

This is the base Christians lean on, to inspire them, and encourage them through life.

This is a joyous occasion for the faithful and many will go to church to listen to the message of salvation and relive the story of the crucifixion and of the resurrection.

They will embrace hope in the good message, taking comfort in all they will hear today, and they will look forward with optimism.

In a world that is vastly different from the norm, today will be celebrated differently by many. Social distancing requirements, and very strict rules to safeguard us from the global COVID-19 pandemic, mean many Christians will go against tradition, and celebrate in their own little ways, at home.

It is important to understand that faith can be a very powerful force. Spiritual conviction can be quite powerful.

It lays the platform for the faithful to celebrate their beliefs, and share in the good message that comes during Easter.

As we continue to fight against COVID-19, let us be reminded that there is a message of hope in the events that happened to give us Easter.

Easter carries with it a message of pain and suffering, and there is hope for mankind. In the face of all that suffering Christ endured, his crucifixion, Christians believe, was for the redemption of sin.

It was a sacrifice for all of us. Let us be reminded about our circumstances.

As we live through the COVID-19 pandemic, the bright light that beams at the end of the tunnel will come, after sacrifice.

That means, in our context, adhering to rules targeting social distancing.

Together we must get through this episode in our lives. It will be tough, but we are resilient people.

There is no other way. It is Resurrection Sunday! There is hope for mankind.

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