Editorial comment – Staying proactive

Members of the public wait to be treated at the Valelevu Health Centre on Sunday night, February 26, 2019. Picture: NOA BIUDOLE

IT seems some health centres and private doctors’ centres in and around the Capital City have been brimming with people in recent days.

It seems the common flu or whatever it is that is causing runny nose, a headache, and a general sense of weakness is making the rounds.

Some private doctors are inundated with patients coming in with the same symptoms.

They are feeling sick, have a bad headache, not that there is a good headache to begin with. Some complain of stuffy or blocked nose.

They say they feel weak.

At a private doctor’s centre on Saturday in Nasinu for instance, six patients were on beds with drips.

They each had the same symptoms though.

Whatever it is that is making the rounds, let’s be proactive.

Let’s fall back on good hygiene.

Let’s keep our homes clean, open up windows and ensure we change beddings regularly.

Cover our mouths when we cough, and see the doctor early.

Let’s be proactive.

We cannot be complacent.

The risk is just too high.

Perhaps this is also an opportunity for us to resist mosquito borne diseases as well.

If you haven’t already cleaned your compound, ask yourself what is holding you back?

Let’s remove all water carrying containers, cut the grass in our yards, empty pot plants of stagnant water, and get rid of rubbish in the back yard. Let’s be good neighbours as well and be considerate.

Let’s first keep our compounds clean and hope the neighbour does the same.

We hope health inspectors will move around and take appropriate action against neighbours who are inconsiderate.

The elimination of mosquito breeding places has to be a regular activity.

Let us be vigilant and alert, and let’s keep our loved ones safe.

Be aware, be proactive and enthusiastic about this campaign.

At least one thing is common in such a fight — the need for good hygiene.

It can play an important role in the fight to eliminate sickness.

For instance Minister for Health and Medical Services Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete when declaring in December last year that the meningococcal disease, which was declared an outbreak in March the same year, had started to ease off, had called for caution.

Members of the public, he said then, should continue to be cautious about their health.

We were warned that it was vital that we remain vigilant.

“When there is somebody or someone in the family who is untoward, who is not looking well or feeling well, then that person should be brought to the hospital and be looked at as soon as possible,” the doctor said then.

The advice is actually quite relevant for any sickness.

Regardless of the type of sickness that is making the rounds, let us be proactive and cautious.

Let’s heed proper medical advice and seek assistance when sick.

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