Editorial comment – Safety on the road


A woman died yesterday following a motor vehicle accident along the highway near Sigatoka.

Police spokeswoman Savaira Tabua said the 47-year-old woman was travelling to Nadi with three others when their car was allegedly hit by another vehicle.

She said all four occupants were rushed to the Korolevu Health Centre where the victim was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Ms Tabua said the three other occupants were treated and sent home.

The 45-year-old driver of the other vehicle and another man were on their way to Suva.

As police investigations continue, let’s remind ourselves that it’s the Easter weekend.

This is a period when we can expect to have heavy traffic movement around the country.

Every year the Fiji Police Force traffic department raises the issue of road safety.

Yet every year, many drivers will turn the other cheek, and ignore good advice.

It can be costly for many families in the end. When accidents happen, they have a negative impact on society in many ways.

Aside from the trauma associated with the loss of lives, injuries stand as a reminder of how fragile the human life is.

In the end, we are made up of flesh and bones that can be broken and maimed for life.

Police statistics will confirm that over the years most accidents were caused by speeding.

We can control this as drivers, and save lives. There has to be voluntary compliance though on the part of drivers.

Unfortunately, many drivers learn their lesson only after they are involved in an accident.

So let’s have a sense of compliance to adhere to speed limits on our roads.

There are hundreds of drivers who have no respect for road rules.

They will switch lanes without their indicator lights on, they are the ones tailgating, stopping in the middle of the road suddenly, and will definitely be among drivers who choose to speak on their mobile phones while driving.

Yet, with the many inconsiderate drivers, there are hundreds more who will patiently follow the rules and hold their frustration and anger to reach their destinations safely.

Sceptics may even wonder about how we determine speed limits and whether they are actually suited to road conditions.

Every day Fiji needs drivers who are considerate, proactive and show great defensive driving skills.

We need drivers and road users who will be happy to be alive.

These drivers will stick to the speed limits, plan their journeys well and arrive at their destinations alive. Let’s embrace the Easter long weekend.

Let’s embrace road safety, and let’s appreciate life.

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