Editorial Comment: Powerful of thought and action

Members of the Freedom Riders Association deliver food ration packs to residents of Nakasi HART homes. Picture: SUPPLIED.

When Fijian bikers came forward to assist Housing Assistance Relief Trust (HART) residents in Suva, they were simply following their heart.

The bikers, under the banner of “Freedom Riders Association” said they read about the plight of Nakasi, Makoi and Nasinu HART residents in The Fiji Times and decided to do something about it.

Diven Prasad, their spokesman, has urged those who are able to reach out a helping hand to do so.

Their story is on page 20 today. It’s a story about a sense of commitment, buoyed by concern for the welfare of fellow human beings.

When people are staring at a brickwall, it’s always nice to know that there are good Samaritans out there who will drop everything to come to their assistance.

“We decided to seek donations and contact those in the HART through The Fiji Times and then we helped these people out,” Mr Prasad said.

Organisations such as the Fiji Law Society, Freedom Riders and several other individuals, he said, assisted them to organise the groceries.

“Suppose 20 people purchase one additional item, imagine how many we could help?”

Mr Prasad said they met a mother and her daughter from Makoi HART homes whose story was highlighted in The Fiji Times.

More than 12 families had been assisted and their work to help others would continue.

“Our association motto used to be ‘look twice to save a life’ but it has since changed to ‘help a family and make them smile’.”

Sometimes we need such stories to re-evaluate our purpose in life.

They are also powerful reminders of the human spirit. It is when the chips are down that we see true consideration for others.

This is when the barriers all come down, and imaginary demarcation lines crumble. They are replaced by a sense of concern, and appreciation of the hardship faced by people.

Ethnicity, gender, and religion are cast aside to enable those in need to be assisted. Such moments are also special for they highlight one of the many roles of the media.

Aside from holding power to account, there is consideration for the plight of the less fortunate. There are many stories that can be told, many moments in time that may inspire others, and many experiences that need to be told to motivate others.

There has to be some semblance of positivity in the face of negative vibes. Making a difference in the lives of people, whether directly, or impacting them indirectly, can be quite fulfilling for those involved. Fijians are resilient people.

There are also many Fijians who are kind of heart, and good of thought, and very powerful of concern for others.

We acknowledge you.

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