Editorial comment – Our frontliners

Nurses Premika Sharma and Fanela Vilesta prepare doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine during the vaccination drive at the Kinoya Village Hall. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA/FT FILE

We have a report about the Fiji Nursing Association expressing concern about the welfare of members who are taking care of COVID-19 patients in hospitals.

As our report points out, president Alisi Vudiniabola said with the increasing number of cases across the country and the added burden on health resources, she wanted reassurances from authorities that nurses would be well taken care of.

“We just want to ensure our members are being taken care of in terms of being provided food, adequate facilities for rest and privacy and have access to all the personal protective equipment they need,” she said.

However, as part of her statement, she reiterated the call by medical experts for Fijians to stay home in light of the escalating cases.

The more people move around and hold unnecessary functions, she warned, the more they are placing the lives of their family members and health workers in the country at risk.

“We have had situations where nurses got infected while taking care of COVID-19 patients and our plea to all of you is to please stay put.

“Imagine what will happen if we are overwhelmed with cases and the nursing staff are all infected. Who will take care of you then?” she asked.

Nurses, like other frontline workers, she said, were working 12-hour shifts and sacrificing quality family time to take care of patients with COVID-19.

The key, she believes, rests with Fijians opting to stay home.

We extend this show of support to all our frontliners out there. We acknowledge their contribution in this war against the virus.

We acknowledge the sacrifices they make every day. In fact this isn’t a job for the faint-hearted.

Dealing with the pandemic is not just any other work.

Our frontliners are placing their lives on the line daily. They also have loved ones.

They have special wants and aspirations.

All these have been put aside to answer a calling.

The best we can do as citizens of this nation is to strictly adhere to COVID-19 rules.

We must work together if we want to shorten this latest outbreak.

But that will mean showing some consideration for the daily sacrifices our frontliners face.

It will mean being considerate of the predicament staring at the faces of thousands of unemployed Fijians.

We must show a united front against this virus.

The numbers coming out over the recent days have not been good reading at all. Unity please!

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