Editorial comment – May 6, 2019

The school students from Nadera area had a special church service dedicated to them at Nadera Methodist Church yesterday. Picture: RAMA

The school students from Nadera area had a special church service dedicated to them at Nadera Methodist Church. Picture: RAMA

It’s back to school this morning for thousands of students around the country.

This morning would have been a hectic one for parents and guardians around the country.

Work for teachers resumes today.

The books were brought out, pens, backpacks, sandals and uniforms included.

Lunch boxes were packed!

As we send them off this morning, we have an opportunity to reflect on the first term of school and set targets for this term.

Let’s make it a positive one for our young charges.

Like every beginning of another school term, there may have been some last-minute issues to attend to yesterday as parents and guardians prepared children for classes today.

Let us ensure our children are ready for classes and the continuation of their journey of discovery in 2019.

The State has placed a heavy focus on education over recent years.

We keep going back to 2014 to get a bearing on the State’s early focus on education.

That was when $370 million was set aside for the Education Ministry, an increase of $101.54m from 2013.

There was a concerted effort to expand into new policy initiatives.

As the Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama pointed out when he announced the 2014 budget in November, 2013, “2014 will go down as the year we embarked on an education revolution to better equip all our young people for their future and build a Fiji that is not just smarter, but which provides every young person with increased opportunities”.

The education budget was increased to $556m for 2015 and $432.2m in 2016.

Education is a critical part of the development of any nation.

An enlightened population could very well assist in building a nation that is better prepared for the future.

That’s why today is important. Let’s work on ensuring children are motivated to do well in school.

Surely we want to nurture them to value a good education.

Surely we all want to nurture in our children the right frame of mind to take advantage of the attention the State has placed on education. We have a massive challenge before us.

We can either embrace the educational initiative, or take it for granted, and be complacent.

Let’s lap up the State initiative and embrace the opportunity to be educated.

Let’s set the platform for our children to be motivated to do well this year.

This term will also see a number of sporting events for high school students.

Today we wish every student well in their educational endeavour, and also in their sporting challenges this term.

We encourage parents and guardians to strengthen the base at home for students to be motivated to learn and appreciate education.

All the best for this second term.

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