Editorial comment – It’s Good Friday


It’s Good Friday today! It’s when we begin the long Easter weekend.

Christians will remember the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. They will remember the events that took place at Mount Calvary.

They will commemorate the significance of what happened, and what it means to their faith, and their commitment.

This is a special weekend for Christians around the world and holds different meanings for different people.

The next few days are special for the Christian faith, and hold a very special place in the hearts and the minds of the faithful.

Some will look to renew their faith, to relive the special moments that have been etched on their minds from the day they were taught about Christianity, and they will embrace what is written in the Bible.

For many Fijians, there is an opportunity to unwind and enjoy a four-day weekend.

Many will let their hair down and enjoy time with family and friends.

Some will see this as an opportunity to strengthen relationships. They have an opportunity to have quality time with loved ones.

For the faithful though, it is a time to be one with God.

They will acknowledge the crucifixion and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This year’s Easter may be different though with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing upon us social distancing rules on top of unemployment and associated financial woes.

The message of Easter though can never be different.

There remains the important issue of sacrifice. Christians are reminded about how Jesus died on the cross on Calvary for our sins.

Easter celebrates the resurrection from the dead of Jesus Christ.

Because we live in a multiracial and multi-religious country, there will be those who will unwind with a few cold ones with friends, partying through the weekend.

The faithful though, will be in church, some very early today, acknowledging the sacrifice of the Lord.

Christians will relive the horrific journey Jesus undertook before he was nailed to the cross, and they will embrace the messages that have become an integral part of Christianity.

Christians believe Christ died for our sins. He made a huge sacrifice for mankind.

As we celebrate Easter, perhaps we should remind ourselves about priorities and the many challenges we face daily.

This is an opportune time to consider the plight of our fellow citizens in need.

There are many among us who are struggling to make ends meet on a daily basis.

The message of sacrifice is meant for us all.

It cuts through every imaginary demarcation line. We should never forget about how fragile life is.

There are many people who do not know and appreciate the significance of Easter.

Whatever your take is on Easter, whether it is a period for Easter bunnies and eggs or one for worship, we hope you will try to enjoy the long weekend with those who matter and within the confines of rules that are meant to safeguard us against COVID-19.

We hope you will show some consideration for those around you.

Perhaps this is also an apt time to learn about, and maybe appreciate and understand the true meaning of Easter.

We hope you will find some inspiration this long Easter weekend wherever you may be.

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