Editorial comment – For Fiji, ever Fiji

IT IS amazing how much support the national sevens rugby side has around the world.

It is difficult to shrug off the importance of the game to Fijians.

When people talk about sevens rugby, the national side sits quite high on their minds.

In fact sevens rugby is synonymous with Fijians.

It’s the link that starts off conversations sometimes, overseas, or around family or friends here.

It is quite interesting to note that we have a diehard fan in an unlikely place.

Little seven-year-old Tayah Cama has been a Fiji fan since she started watching 7s rugby two years ago.

The revelation may have been shrugged off casually any other time.

But not when you throw in the fact that she is the daughter of New Zealand 7s assistant coach Tomasi Cama Jr.

Tayah had a special birthday surprise when the Fiji 7s team sent her a video of them wishing her happy birthday.

As our report on Page 1 today reveals, the clip was extra special because it also had her grandfather, her dad’s namesake, Tomasi Cama in it.

“Fiji is the best team,” she said.

Today we are scheduled to take on the might of New Zealand at 8.55pm after our game against Australia.

By now the results of our opener against Kenya is out.

Whatever it is, consistency is the key this weekend.

We have fared quite well over the years in Hong Kong.

Former national coach Ben Ryan, at one stage had hinted that we did well over three days.

With teams now effectively nullifying our pushed passes and flair by denying us possession, our challenge is to be in the game.

National coach Gareth Baber has selected a team he reckons is the best right now.

The onus is on our team to effectively stamp our mark in the aerial battles at the kick-offs, hold our defensive shape, contest the breakdowns, be patient, stay disciplined, and most importantly believe in themselves and play to Baber’s set game plan.

That’s going to be much easier said than done though this weekend.

For starters, we have a tough pool to contend with, coming up against Kenya, Australia and NZ.

However, Fijians have a very special place for the Hong Kong 7s.

From the highest mountains around the country, to the coastlines, the national side will be high on the minds of fans.

Hong Kong is special.

It’s where we are supposed to be every year around this time.

Fijian fans can be quite vocal and demanding.

Perhaps that’s a factor that motivates the national side.

Let’s support our team.

Go Fiji, go.

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