Editorial comment: Expect more rain

Flooding at Lauwaki settlement, Korovou, Tailevu Picture: BALJEET SINGH

Heavy rain at the weekend forced the closure of a road in Naitasiri.

In fact the state of the road forced 30 students from a nearby village to stay away from school because the village headman, Navitalai Matanawa, feared for their safety.

Knee deep mud forced the closure of Savu Rd, which leads to Gusuisavu Village in Naitasiri.

The report came in the wake of some families in parts of Suva being forced to clean up after flood waters entered their homes.

Yesterday Fiji Meteorological Service director Ravind Kumar said a trough of low pressure with associated cloud and rain was affecting the group.

Tropical Disturbance, TD02F, he said, lies slow moving to the east of Solomon Islands embedded within the trough, which extends to the west of Fiji.

He said it is expected to gradually move southeast and is anticipated to pass over the Fiji waters tomorrow.

The effects of heavy rain and strong winds were anticipated to be felt in parts of the country from last night as TD02F tracked close to the country.

However, he did mention that the system “is moving into an unfavourable environment and has very low chance of intensifying into a depression or a cyclone”.

But, as a result, a heavy rain warning has been issued for the southern and eastern parts of Viti Levu.

Residents, he said, could expect occasional rain to be heavy at times with a few thunderstorms.

A heavy rain alert is in force for the rest of the Fiji Group.

We can anticipate cloudy periods with occasional showers, heavy at times and thunderstorms with showers increasing to rain, becoming frequent and heavy, starting last night.

A strong wind warning is now in force for land areas of the southern Lau and Lomaiviti groups, Kadavu and nearby smaller islands, Yasawa and Mamanuca groups and the western and southern parts of Viti Levu and a strong wind warning remains in force for all Fiji waters.

It is important to note that there is a risk of flash flooding of low-lying areas.

That’s why people living in flood prone areas should be proactive and stay alert.

Let’s adhere to water safety rules.

Let’s stay away from flooded drains, be mindful of water levels, and aware of where our loved ones are.

Drivers should be vigilant and take extreme care. It is unfortunate that our careless discarding of our rubbish could very well come back to haunt us as the skies open up.

Editorial It should be a learning experience for us all. For now though, safety matters.

Let’s stay focused, and safe.

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