Editorial comment – Counting down the days

Pre-poll starts today and it will be conducted at 138 venues around the country. Picture: File/ BALJEET SINGH

WE are now almost on to the final leg of our election process which culminates with our votes on November 14.

Today, we will have the national candidates’ ball draw. That’s when numbers will be allotted to candidates.

Postal voting applications close at 5pm on October 24 and pre-poll voting begins on November 5.

Pre-poll voting ends on November 10 and a media blackout on campaigning starts at 7.30am on November 12 before we get to cast our votes on November 14.

Aspiring candidates are already on the campaign trail discussing what they can offer the voter.

It seems things are actually heating up.

Given the fact that all political parties would have learnt from the experience of 2014, in terms of the new elections process, things are getting quite interesting. The base is now almost set.

Voters finally know the people who will be in the running for parliamentary seats.

Clearly we are heading into what will be a very interesting period in our history.

The onus now is really on the voter to lap up as much information as possible. Expect the war of words.

That’s part and parcel of campaigns.

You need to know the candidates, and political parties, what they have to offer, and the various manifestos.

In the midst of the political swipes and counter-swipes, there is the need for us all to be aware of what the parties offer.

Following the release of the numbers this week, we can expect campaigning to hit the highest notch. That’s when parties will go all out to woo voters.

As we continue to count down the days to November 14, it is critically important that you the voter understand the role you must play in this process.

It should be about preparing to make a well informed choice at the polls.

Again, we realise the important role we must play in the dissemination of views during this process.

That is our challenge as a media organisation.

But the lead-up work for all stakeholders ideally should culminate in an election that allows every voter to make an informed choice on November 14.

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