Editorial Comment : Change is here!

SODELPA vice-president Anare Jale left, PAP leader Sitiveni Rabuka, NFP leader Proffesor Biman Prasad and SODELPA fomer president Ro Teimumu Kepa shaking hand after the signing yesterday.Picture:ATU RASEA

When it mattered yesterday, the powers that be came together and voted for change!

The Social Democratic Liberal Party effectively ended FijiFirst’s reign, bringing to an end a chapter in the history of our country.

SODELPA wielded power.

They were the kingmakers!

And they kept the nation in suspense.

In the end though, the tooting of vehicle horns last night in the Capital City, the fireworks that lit up the night sky, and the heavy traffic on social media expressing joy were the backdrop for yesterday’s announcement.

After 16 years, we finally have a change in government.

For whatever it is worth, the work to consolidate their strengths, and re-evaluate strategies and plans will start now.

Understandably, the three-party coalition will have its work cut out, and challenges to manage!

There will be time to re-engage with the masses who voted them in, consider plans, proposals and workable solutions to issues they feel should be prioritised.

In the heated battles leading up to the General Election 2022, parties clung on to strategies they calculated would woo the important component in the election process — the voters.

Today, attention will shift to how they can work together for the betterment of the nation.

The masses will look forward to that.

They will consider the different platforms and plans the coalition partners bring to the table, and anticipate a different outlook.

The people have spoken!

The kingmakers have made their decision to back The People’s Alliance and National Federation Party coalition.

The fact that voting during SODELPA’s management board meeting yesterday was split at 14-16 means work has to be done from within to ensure a cohesive effort moving forward.

It will mean bringing the team together to focus on a goal that will benefit the coalition, and in the end, the country.

Congratulations are in order for the coalition partners.

They now have the mammoth task of bringing together a nation that has been split in this election.

One of their challenges is to understand the needs of the masses, and for now, all battles must be put on the backburner for the good of the nation.

Fijians will look forward to them listening and engaging with the masses, and to govern fairly, embracing every Fijian, regardless of their political choices, and leaning.

The challenge for voters is to cast aside differences, and unite for a common goal, to move our nation forward.

The coalition partners are now in the driving seat.

They have the mandate to govern our nation and we must embrace that fact.

That is the beauty of democracy!

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