Editorial comment – Being part of the process

Masti Dance Group (from left) Shivneel Naidu, Rani Chandra, Ashna Devi Shayal Prasad, and Shawnal Kumar were part of Ministry of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation diwali celebrations at the Fiji Museum last night. Picture: JONA KONATACI

WE are back to elections mode today. Yesterday was a special day for Hindus around the country.

They joined millions of the faithful around the world to celebrate a special day in their religious calendar.

Diwali is special every year.

It’s an opportunity to reflect on life.

The faithful went through tradition and long held processes and customs in celebration of this special day.

For thousands of Fijians, it was a day off.

But so ingrained is Diwali in our lives that thousands of Fijians enjoyed the day with the faithful.

This is Fiji, a nation that is tightly linked to customs and traditions, and faith. It makes us a nation of multiracial harmony.

We do not need urging to live together as people of one nation. We have always lived together as Fijians for decades.

It is instinctive, a fact of life in this beautiful country of ours.

We live in a nation brimming with concern for one another, respect and acknowledgement of the various religions and ethnicities.

For decades we have lived together in harmony. Events such as Diwali will continue to unite us, ensuring the continuation of the belief that Fijians are special people.

Whatever Diwali meant to you yesterday, we hope you had an opportunity to reflect on values, friendship, customs, tradition, love and family.

It’s back to work today for the masses. Having a holiday slap bang in the middle of a working week can be tough.

But it falls on us to be the best we can be at work today. Our challenge is to keep our economy ticking.

As we continue the countdown to the national elections next week, we are reminded of our duty to be part of the process.

This comes around once every four years. Our challenge remains our commitment to being part of the mechanics that elects our government.

That means being part of the process of awareness.

It means being aware of the various parties that are part of this process, their manifestos, understanding their policies, what they mean to you as a voter, raising questions and being part of the polls.

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