Editorial comment – Be the change

Miss Vodafone Milennium Sinu Festival queen,Miss I am Woman Magazine, Esther Vateitei (left),1st runner up queen Miss Standard Concrete Industries,Veniana Sauqaqa (middle) and 2nd runner up Miss Profile Productions,Serewaia Merekula after the crowning at Valelevu grounds last night. Picture: RAMA

LAST night saw the end of a festival in one of our townships, Nasinu. With that, came the crowning of a lass who will reign for one year as the queen of that festival.

These festivals, which are held in all of our towns and cities, all have a theme. Given that some topics are very much in currency, it is no surprise that chosen themes deal with certain aspects of such topics, in some cases the environment.

This is a decision that must be applauded. In addition to the applause, a question must also be posed. How many mind-sets, in relation to the theme, are changed because of the festival? This change does not have to be significant.

After all, Rome was not built in a day. However, change, especially in the way people regard our environment, must occur.

Otherwise, such festivals would have failed as vehicles for change.

We all know that education is one way of enlightening the minds of the population. Yet even with all the educational campaigns we have had, some still rubbish our environment.

Religion is another powerful tool which can be harnessed in the continuous fight for a better home for all of us. Festivals or social events, education and religion; if they cannot get the message through, then what will? Maybe it is not the method of getting the message across.

Could the problem be with the individual? Once the individual is made aware of the fact that he or she has a problem will he or she act to solve it? Otherwise, it will always be someone else’s problem, not mine, so I don’t have to do anything about it.

Somehow, that is what every person should be made aware of; that they can be effective agents of change. Not the next person, or another, but you and me.

That is how we will change a lot of things whether it is at the international, national or community level.

The change for the better must be the responsibility of every individual — you, me and all of us — for it to be meaningful and enduring.

We must be owners of the change, we must be the change.

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