Editorial comment – August 6

RKS spot on at Deans competition
The Lodoni brigade did not disappoint their loyal fans and former scholars as the boys, as I had predicted, made it to the final of all the grades except the U17. The Powerade Super Deans semis was slightly overshadowed by the horrific road accident that involved the Ratu Navula supporters but the fun and entertainment continued as teams battled each other for a place in the final. Cuvu led the onslaught and upset Marist in a close tussle while RKS continued their dominance over the western giants. The finals scheduled for this week will be tough but I am banking on the Delainaikaikai kings to jog home smiling with the brand new trophies. It seems that luck is with the eastern giants as Naitasiri overpowered Nadroga and left them without any cup in the cabinet. I was upset with the Stallions’ loss but I am confident that the boys will bounce back to winning ways Hakwa Nadro! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam, Nadawa, Nasinu

Road rules
Being a frequent traveller between Suva and Lautoka I have observed very reckless drivers on our roads. The signalling by drivers to warn of police on the road ahead should stop. I have been overseas, especially Australia, where drivers observe road rules strictly, and show common courtesy to other road users. Lastly our highway from Suva to Lautoka is good only for driving at around 60kmph. Perhaps, our road authorities need to review this issue. Ajay Singh, Natabua, Lautoka

Pictures of the dead

I wonder where have all the Fijian manners gone to. I am in awe that despite the accident in Nabou on Saturday, August 4, some people still have the guts to take pictures and videos of the deceased victims and upload them on Facebook. I guess the Fiji society today is now into posting and creating status on social media first than to help someone out of the situation. What a shame. Iliesa Moceituba, Suva

Medical insurance
I was informed by an individual who is covered by a medical insurance, had to pay over $2k altogether to go get scans done.
This needed to be done in Suva. All these expenses for this exercise are non-refundable and on top of the premiums already paid, being insured doesn’t really mean that, all that one spends over the years is enough to cover for whatever medical assistance is required. The waiting time for diagnosis and treatment is another issue that is being experienced. What could the issues be? Nigel Fiu, Lautoka

Drivers here

Heavenly Father please wake us up, especially drivers in Fiji to follow driving rules because no one wants to exit this earth prematurely through road accidents. Every week and month of the year fatal vehicle accidents happen on our roads claiming innocent lives, but yet drivers keep speeding, disregard speed limits and ignore road rules or do not drive according to road and the weather. I pray for those who recently lost their lives, those injured because of the three-way vehicle accident at Nabou and their family and friends who will have to bear the pain and loss of this tragic unforeseen departure. Dear God, I pray that through this accident and unexpected tragic loss of innocent lives, You will wake divers up, instil fear and a sense of driving responsibility to all of them. Father, this issue on speeding, reckless driving with an arrogant, no fear attitude among some drivers have been continually raised by the police and the Land Transport Authority but it seems to be falling on deaf ears. Lord please, only You can touch the heart and bring conviction on all drivers, so that every time they sit behind the wheel, they will drive responsibly, so that no more unnecessary loss of innocent lives happen on their watch. Thank You Lord for speaking to drivers through this humble prayer and letter and help us to have a saving relationship with You, because we all do not know when our time expires. Amen. Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

Weir’d at 8m
So after all the height was eight metres and not six. So those who hold the helm didn’t actually know what height it was. Tsk tsk tsk. Six or eight, no wonder there has been so much power cuts. Oops, there goes the power again. Allen Lockington, Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

A different take

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama better quickly tell his Qorvis spin doctors to stick to the facts and not spin tales because I believe his speeches are fast becoming the butt of laughter because of senseless rhetoric. On Thursday (2nd August) Mr Bainimarama, while opening a meeting of the Ra Provincial Council told the delegates to be wary of promises of change being made by the Opposition.
He was obviously pointing in the direction of the National Federation Party, which from June last year has been rolling out policies consistent with its theme of “Change is Coming”.
But the PM didn’t stop there — he went to say it would be a change for the worse because of their ill-conceived policies. Unfortunately, I believe Qorvis did not think that when their client the PM spoke about change for the worse in Ra, he was in fact adding salt to injury of the people of the province who have heavily relied on the operations of the Penang sugar mill for the prosperity of their local economy. I believe when the PM said change for the worse, he meant the permanent closure of the Penang Mill and kicking out a petition by Ra canegrowers in Parliament in March 2017 for Government to either fix the damaged mill or build a new one. I believe a kick to the stomach of canegrowers, their families, the local Ra business community and indeed the entire district by Mr Bainimarama’s FijiFirst government is change for the worse. A revival of the local economy through the building of a new and modern sugar mill, implementing a minimum guaranteed price of $100 for a tonne of sugar cane and generating jobs is Change for the Better that the people of Ra will soon get. But then again, we thank Mr Bainimarama and Qorvis for talking about change. I believe they are acknowledging the reality, which is, a mighty collective force is yearning for change. And change is coming. Kamal Iyer , Suva

EFL and the Wainisavulevu weir

Vinaka vakalevu The Fiji Times. It is indeed good to now note the EFL chairman Daksesh Patel has stopped the blame game where he has finally come to his senses and admitted that the Wainisavulevu weir was extended to eight metres in The Fiji Times of August 4. Despite his admission of miscommunication on the part of EFL which is a lame excuse and is a smack in the face, but he still has fallen short of apologising to The Fiji Times journalist he blamed for sensationalising the Wainisavulevu weir issue. But I must congratulate the newspaper for relentlessly pursuing the truth to the extreme in order that Fijians are reliably informed through factual reporting. I believe miscommunication is incompetency on Daksesh’s part as a professional individual. I believe the Fijian public will hope that a solution will be arrived at asap despite who the culprit is as we are all in this together as custodians of this wonderful resourceful land with its biodiversity. On a positive note the Monasavu dam and Wainisavulevu surrounding environment has been subjected to some very good free exposure through the media both locally and international.
This is an excellent opportunity for the Ministry of iTaukei, iTLTB, Ministry of Economy through its iTaukei grant of $10 million to develop the utilities and other land works together with the office of the Commissioner Western Division and the Roko Tui Ra office to collaborate and assist my relatives from the village of Nadrau develop an eco-tourism holiday hideaway at the Nadrau Plateau to benefit them and may be AUSAID and NZAID can be called in to sponsor the concept with the assistance of our locally highly qualified environmental engineers.
Miscommunication should never have been an excuse if Daksesh Patel had checked his facts first before firing off and shooting blanks in hot air.
It is probably advisable that for any technical issues relevant to the Monasavu dam it must be left to EFL CEO Hasmukh Patel as he was a founding engineer during the days of its early construction through to its completion. I am inclined to think that the chairman Daksesh Patel is a scapegoat in all this where the CEO should have been responsible in handling all these issues. I believe Daksesh is a professional chartered accountant who now practises out of Sydney but is still a Fijian resident. It is indeed great to note the immediate urgent attention in the involvement of the Ministry of Waterways and Environment to rope in all the stakeholders together in finding a sustainable long term workable solution. Vinaka Dr Reddy and team. Tukai Lagonilakeba, Namaka, Nadi.

Workers and unions
Thank you The Fiji Times for highlighting this issue on your Saturday, August 4 edition. I believe no comments from the A-G on behalf of the FijiFirst party speaks volumes. Dan Urai, Lautoka.

Chiefs’ support

I refer to an article in a media outlet that talks about support in the Ra province. The Ra province as we know consists of four tikina; Saivou, Rakiraki Nalawa and Nakorotubu. I believe Nalawa consists of 34 out of the more than 60 villages in Ra. I believe Bureiwai consists of five villages out of the 43 in Nakorotubu district. How come only two or three people can vouch for the rest? Undemocratic nature of traditional politics? Confusing! Amenatave Yaconisau, Palm Drive, Delainavesi.

Those billboards

I am wondering who is paying for the cost of the above? It’s all good… but who is paying? A. SHARIFF SHAH, Savusavu.

Stop, look, listen

I find it amusing when we’re questioned about something or disagreed with, we immediately go on the defensive, you see this happening everywhere, from around the basin, at work even at the highest levels. Maybe we should take the time to listen, analyse, clarify and compare first, before we respond, this way maybe we’ll be able to progress and not be hung up on things such as 6m versus 8m as an example, and deal with the issues at hand.
My way may not be the best way, but ours could be better. Nigel Fiu, Owls Perch, Lautoka.

Kava ban
Why ask any organisation or Government for a kava ban? If a family member has passed away and you are having prayers at your home, it is up to you to provide kava or not. You can always check your holy books on what to give during and after prayers. Now that we have become Fijians we should be taking our own sevusevu to the grieving family. Sukha Singh, Labasa.

Ivi or naibi

Thank you Donald for highlighting the reason the indigenous word “ivi” caused a loss in business as customers are mainly Fijians of Indian descent (FT/4/8/18). They couldn’t understand that “ivi” was indeed “naibi” in the hundred or so years of co-existence. I believe I can now understand the ban on the use of indigenous language in a public forum like Parliament. Dan Urai, Lautoka.

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