Economic growth and health

Majority of the issues faced in Fiji today are on economic development and health.

FUFP proposes two fundamental viable concepts that we strongly believe will address both.

1. Land owned under a well-structured corporate model.

2. Health insurance policies for all citizens.

Land model

Firstly, the utilisation of our resources and land is a sensitive issue that has been politicised over decades to stir emotions of the people. This must end and there must be a beginning to the end.

Also the government must implement right policies to address the issue of economic disparity among ethnic groups to ensure racial harmony.

Racial harmony cannot be enforced and we must build relationships and partnerships while ensuring economic participation by all.

The issues such as unemployment, minimum wage, cost of living and poverty are all related to the growth of the economy.

The proposed corporate model addresses almost all the issues if it is implemented and managed properly and efficiently.

* The government to initiate a corporate structure with the formation of a holding company;

* Any resource/land owner with a viable project must lease out their own land under their own company. All fees and costs must be either waived or subsidised;

* The holding company to provide the capital funds, proper management and other resources under a partnership model with profit sharing accordingly;

* All existing commercial leases can be renegotiated with no impact to the stakeholders under a partnership model;

* Everyone in the workforce can automatically become shareholders/partners in the corporate by allocating at least $1000 a year or certain percentage of their taxes paid via PAYE. There will be no additional taxes and this will also encourage the citizens in the workforce to voluntarily become taxpayers if they are under the threshold levels of taxes;

* PPP (public, private partnerships), BOT (build, own and transfer) models to be encouraged;

* Anyone with an idea to start a business, from a peanut seller to a resort owner, to be encouraged by providing necessary resources and management. Eg: the government grant of $1000 to be properly utilised and managed;

* All overseas companies that are contracted for their services can also come under the holding company with partnerships and proper skills transfers to ensure that the locals are upskilled for the future; and,

* The government must invest on every single citizen.

Health insurance

Secondly, there must be a healthcare scheme that would see health services transforming to a fully pledged self-sustainable model.

The privatisation of hospitals can only come about if there is a way that all citizens can afford the services offered.

We propose to begin the insurance policy scheme with the workforce.

Currently almost every single worker has an insurance policy provided by the employer.

However, this expires at the retirement when it is most needed.

For example, a youth joining a workforce at the age of 25 would pay approximately $1000 a year for 30 years until he or she becomes 55.

There must be allocations to ensure that these policies to be extended for life. This can be easily achieved with an extra premium if it is started early.

The other age brackets from 30-40 and 40-55 need to be evaluated at the beginning of the scheme and then it will proceed naturally from therein.

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