Eating the right meal

FIJIAN dishes, Chinese dishes, Indian cuisine and all sorts of other options — which one do you choose?

And how can you be sure you don’t bust your budget or get a bad stomach the next day?

The Consumer Council of Fiji CEO Premila Kumar talked to this newspaper about the importance of considering this decision carefully before making it.

“Unfortunately, going out to eat has its disadvantages and can cause many health problems. Some restaurants foods nowadays pose a direct threat to people’s health, and pockets,” Mrs Kumar said.

“Tips to consider include the prices of meals. Always remember to compare the quality and size of serve against the price of that meal.

“It is important for consumers to shop around for the best eating places with top quality food offered at the best price.”

She said the mantra often associated with businesses and real estate also applied to this process — location, location, location.

“Every restaurant situation is different and prices will vary depending on location, ambience and the level of service.

“Many consumers prefer to buy food from the restaurants/food courts located near to their work-place, so they end up buying whatever is available and suits their budget.

“A little walk to the other side of town can help as you may end up finding an eatery, not so far but just good enough with a healthier menu and a better price.”

Mrs Kumar said it was also imperative that consumers considered the type of food they felt like eating.

“There is a tendency for people to just browse through the menu card with their key focus being on the price of the dish.

“We advise consumers to study the menu thoroughly as they may be some food items on the list which may not be that greasy or rich in sugar, salt or carbohydrates (of course, one is at a liberty to eat whatever they want) that they can choose for health reasons.

“Also, you surely don’t want to eat at a place which is infested with rats, cockroaches or other creatures. Because if you do, you can fall sick and end up paying a hefty medical bill.”

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