Eat right, fight NCDs

YOU, as an individual, have the power to reduce your risk of developing NCD.

And by leading a healthy lifestyle, you lower your risk of NCDs and you also get the most out of life.

Investing in your health as early as possible is the key to avoiding NCDs.

That means;

* Eating a healthy diet of fresh and natural foods

* Exercising daily, at least 30 – 60 minutes of moderate – vigorous exercise

* No Smoking

* Moderate your alcohol intake.

The Ministry of Health is promoting the concept of Wellness to the Fijian people believing that prevention is better than cure.

At every age, there are seven dimensions of wellness that we should all be aware of.

At the market this week, you will come across vegetables, fruits and root crops that will help you maintain your diet.

Bele, rourou, cabbage, gobi, cuccumber, tomatoe and lettuce are in season and avalable at affordable prices.

The National Food and Nutrition Centre says no matter what age you are, male or female, itaukei or Fijian of Indian descent, you are vulnerable to NCDs. If you live an unhealthy lifestyle, you are increasing your risk.

The centre reiterated that people made unhealthy choices detrimental to their health.

“Choosing to smoke and drink too much alcohol and grog, choosing processed food high in salt and fat and drinks high in sugar over the bountiful, healthy and natural foods Fiji offers us,” NFNC says.

People can choose to play outside instead of choosing to sit and watch TV.

NCDs are given every opportunity to grow through our unhealthy lifestyle choices.

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