Eat more greens

Lynda Tabuya says SODELPA will create employment by making Fiji the agriculture capital of the Pacific. Picture: FT FILE/ATASA MOCEITUBA

FEED your children more fish and greens and less processed foods that contain preservatives that are harmful to the body and does not contribute to their development. This was the message from Lynda Tabuya featured in this week’s shopper.
If there’s something Ms Tabuya has learnt over the years is is to simplify shopping and do without it until the next shopping if she does not really need it. A lawyer by profession Ms Tabuya hails from Tiliva Village, Kadavu.
Married with five children she lives in a two bedroom flat with her youngest son Justice while her husband and other four kids are in Australia.
This week she shares her shopping experience with the public. With only a day left for Mother’s Day, Ms Tabuya is calling on members of the public to come together and celebrate our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters and thank them for their unconditional love.

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